Nikhil & Saranya | Hindu Kannadiga - Tamil Brahmin Wedding | Temple Tree Farms, Bengaluru

Ok so I have to confess. I really tried to pun Lawyers and Lovers for this blogpost. I really did. But I failed. So go ahead - Sue Me!

Coming back to Nikhil’s and Saranya’s wedding - Both of them are lawyers and pretty sure quite popular. ‘Cause they had as many friends as other wedding guests at their wedding! Friends from school, college and work came together to attend their beautiful wedding at the Temple Tree Farms in Sahakarnagar, Bengaluru.

Like my sense of humour, monsoons also threatened to ruin the wedding. The venue for the Sangeet was a beautiful outdoor one. But a sudden downpour forced everyone indoors. Nikhil and Saranya however put up a brave face against both these ‘natural calamities’. Their friends chipped in with some heavy but graceful cardio disguised as dance. And it was mission accomplished with the Sangeet.

Saranya’s adorable set of school friends danced beautifully and later told us that they danced badly - just like those class toppers from school who’d would write answers to everything in the question paper but would later tell their mortal classmates (like me) that they will fail. I refuse to be fooled again like this.

Big shoutout to Vibin Venugopal (Founder of Headless Hippies) who connected Nikhil & me. I had shot Vibin’s wedding in 2016 and the things he did ahead of the wedding were quite interesting. Check his story out here.

Elvin Jacob, Srinivas RS
Traditional Team: Sudheer Hebbar
MUH: Sruthi Julta
Wedding Planners: Millionbellz Events
Venue: Temple Tree Farms, Sahakarnagar

Sneha & Manoj | Hindu Tamil - Sindhi Wedding | Bengaluru

Most love stories have three versions - Her Story, His Story and The Actual Story. The love story of Sneha and Manoj also has three versions - One for Sneha’s family, One for Manoj’s family and lastly ‘The Actual Story’ that only Sneha and Manoj know of! :D I sincerely hope their families never get to read this blog so that Sneha’s and Manoj’s secret remains safe ;) Oh and yes, if you know them personally, ask Manoj why he likes to rub his nose on Sneha’s cheeks :D

Sneha’s & Manoj’s wedding was the perfect fusion of the legendary punctuality of Tamil Brahmin Weddings and the outrageously high energy levels that Sindhi weddings are famous for. It was three days of almost non-stop wedding celebrations for their family and friends. Legend has it some of them are still dancing :)

I personally consider this as one of my favourite weddings of 2018. Be it Sneha sporting jewellery designed by her own Mother (Sarita Aunty) or the family portrait at Manoj’s place on a swing that has been with the family for several decades - the warmth felt real.  

Photography: Elvin Jacob, Nishal Lama
Traditional Photography & Videography: Sudheer Hebbar, Revanna, Prasad
MUA (Mehendi/Sangeet/Reception): Kulsum Parvez
MUA (Engagement/Wedding): Shreya and Chandini Asrani
DJ: Vipul Khurana
Wedding Film: NJM Productions
Venues: Radisson Blu Atria (Bengaluru), Taj Westend (Bengaluru), ISKCON (Bengaluru)