Swetha & Vibin | Malayali Hindu Wedding | Hosur

As founder of Headless Hippies and one of the brains behind the brilliant packaging of brands like Paperboat Drinks & FreshMenu, Vibin is easily one of the most sought after creatives in Bengaluru. So when he told me about his wedding to Swetha and said that he wanted to onboard me as his wedding photographer, I was scared. I began to wonder how I could give his wedding photos an interesting spin, without disappointing him & myself. To add to the trouble, Vibin said he was open to experimenting with his wedding album! But the question was - how could I propose something interesting & creative enough for an artist like Vibin?

During one of our random conversations, I learnt from Vibin that he had gotten his wedding rings handcrafted by local artisans in Bengaluru. And that he was actually getting the ringboxes carved out of a single rosewood branch and even getting them laser engraved. He also told me about a book that he had been making for Swetha with adorable messages. This gave me the idea to capture Vibin's & Swetha's wedding story from a completely different angle. The photos that resulted could not be bucketed as the conventional 'Getting Ready' or 'Pre-Wedding Shoot' photos. However, they are something that I am happy to have created.

Photography: Elvin Jacob
Venue: KAP Kalyana Mandapam, Hosur