Ketaki & Aaditya | Kannadiga Hindu Wedding | Bengaluru

There were barely three weeks left when Ketaki & me started discussing her wedding photography. Things moved pretty quickly after that and I was soon confirmed as her wedding photographer.

Throughout the wedding, I couldn't help but notice the vibrant smile on Ketaki's face. During certain rituals, even the best of brides tend to get grumpy. But Ketaki kept smiling. Aditya was not very different from Ketaki on that front. The evidently-in-love couple kept speaking to each other in between rituals only to be playfully stopped by Aditya's sister saying - "Hey Chatterboxes! You aren't married yet!" It brings a smile onto my face, everytime I am reminded of it!

Here's a glimpse of their wedding, that I hope will brighten up your day :) 

Photography: Elvin Jacob
Venue: Hayagriva Convention Hall