Elvin Jacob
India, b. 1986

Born to Malayalee parents in Bihar, I grew up in a multi-cultural society. So I learnt to absorb different cultures and effortlessly switch between languages quite early on. Since birth, I have moved twenty 'homes' across India including in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Manipal (Karnataka), Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Bengaluru (Karnataka) apart from Bihar of course. So I pretty much feel at home, anywhere and everywhere.

I am now living in my twenty first home on the outskirts of Bengaluru, with my wife Rini and two-year-old daughter Ruth. Compared to those living in the city, I don’t have to deal much with the usual hassles of city life like traffic and pollution. But whenever I go into the ‘city’, I am reminded as to why we moved almost 30 kilometres away from our last place of residence.

I love my coffee black and jokes lame. And I never say no to any kind of tea. Unless it’s green. Because I am not Shraddha Kapoor.

And today, I photograph everything that most people regret after they’ve had them - weddings, food and babies :)