Sheryl & Sachin

Hyderabad, India

When my friends, who got married a year before I did , showed me the photographs of their wedding reception, I really loved it. I loved seeing the small moments captured on camera. That’s the kind of photography Sachin and I wanted for our wedding.
When we began corresponding with Elvin, we were so at ease talking to him. He came the evening before the wedding, there was a prayer at my home. He interacted wonderfully with my family and friends. On the big day, he was at my place at 5 AM and captured lovely moments of my makeup and my interaction with my mom. He even got my goofiness on camera! It didn’t feel awkward at all. I felt a friend was clicking my photos.

A Kerala Christian Wedding doesn’t have a lot of ceremonies or functions going on but through Elvin’s lens, every moment seemed special. Some of the photos we loved among others were - Sachin signing 'I Agree' in the register, my dad hugging me, our entire family laughing at the reception stage and me bawling my eyes out when my parents took my hand to place it in my in laws’ hands. Post that, we had a small couple shoot. Both of us were a bit nervous during the shoot but Elvin managed to capture all the moments where we were truly smiling and not faking it. That was great! 

When we got the final work product, it was amazing! It’s an album we would treasure always!

Lovita & Melrick

Bengaluru, India

I remember our walk back to the car after meeting Elvin for the first time and turning to Lovita and saying, ‘I really like this guy. He was so calm throughout the entire meeting’. One of the first few things you will notice about Elvin is his ability to put you at ease. Elvin ran us through an overview of the chain of events that we could look forward to on our wedding day. With every additional step came a verbal assurance that everything would be taken care of. We first looked at some of his wedding photo sets on Facebook before we contacted him. We really liked his work before meeting him. But more importantly liked him as an individual after meeting him which was the tipping point in the decision making process. 

Elvin has a blend of candid photography that manages to capture real to life moments, not something that is staged. Expressions and emotions bleed out into every shot. Elvin also enjoys playing with colors, but believe me when I say this, some of the best photos were the ones that had no colour in them. Last and most importantly, having fun throughout the wedding experience is also something Elvin stresses on. And we did! Elvin and his friend Eddie (Ernest Edison) were incognito at the wedding - almost ninja like. And this is an amazing thing. Looking back at the wedding photos, every essential moment had been perfectly captured that left us wondering how and when were these photos taken. It was a real refreshing stroll down memory lane looking at the hundreds of photos that were taken. Every moment, silly and otherwise will be captured and that is something that we today can personally vouch for with Elvin. 


Priyanka & Paul

Melbourne, Australia

I was extremely nervous about all the smiling that I had to do. But Elvin put me at ease by suggesting different poses I could do to appear more relaxed in photos. The photographs are amazing and he captured the emotions of the events beautifully.

Elvin arrived on time for every event. We were very happy with his professionalism and prompt replies. I don't think I had to chase after him for anything.

I got to see the album when my mum was visiting us and the pictures look amazing in print! It makes me so happy to look at the album. The photographs actually help me relive every event! 

Reena & Jim

New York, USA

While planning our wedding, two things were really important to us - a decent venue and a good photographer. Upon checking Elvin's work, we liked his style and were lucky that he was available on our dates. He had a good body of work to back his skills and came with good recommendation too.

We had a good experience working with Elvin. He was very professional to begin with, a stickler with time and appointments. The turn around time for the first batch of pics was quick. We found Elvin to be a story teller who captured the entire event on the canvas candidly. We liked the mix he offered as well - candid, artistic closeups and black and white. Elvin made us all look good and captured the important days perfectly!

We are glad that Elvin was our wedding photographer!


Jisha & Anind

Cochin, India

I am not sure as to how I ran into your work. Perhaps it was when somebody shared their wedding photos. And I was looking for a photographer who would give us something similar – something more than the "posing" photographer. Weddings are emotional affairs, (disturbing even :P) and that is not what you want to do - strike funny poses :D !. And you totally put us at ease while doing that! The best part of your work is that the photos were clicked as life happened, without disrupting anything, unlike regular photographers who made me strike weird poses over and over again. There was something about you that made us think that you were actually a friend we had invited to the wedding. We also loved the outdoor shoot :) 

Soumya & Rahul

Jakarta, Indonesia

We had seen some work of Elvin's through our friends, and found it very interesting and well done, unlike many wedding photographers who go overboard. Our family was first skeptical to keep some candid photographer. But after they saw the result, they were very very happy. They also wondered when these photos were taken as we did not have the regular photographer issues like posing too much etc. The end result was perfect for us, of course we could have got the pics earlier. But what we liked the most was that we were comfortable throughout the photoshoot and that makes a lot of difference. We have hung all photographs at our home. 


Pooja & Jason

Maryland, USA

What can we say? We were extremely lucky to have found a great friend who also happened to be our wedding photographer! Elvin is an amazing photographer and wonderful soul.

The first thing that I would like to thank Elvin for was for sending in our wedding pictures right on time and really fast.It was such a beautiful surprise to receive them when we were still on our honeymoon, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We sat down by the pool by the sunset and reminisced over a bottle of wine about our amazing day! Seeing all the photos brought huge smiles to our faces!! They couldn’t have been more perfect and we could not stop looking at them over and over again.

We feel extremely lucky to have found him. We were hunting for photographers throughout social media and finally landed up on Elvin's page! As soon as we spoke to Elvin over the phone and saw his work, we knew he was the only man for the job and we certainly were not disappointed.All of his photos in the portfolio was just so natural and effortless. Our wedding was at a small village church and we were worried about the background a lot. But Elvin's work put us at ease and the moment we saw the pictures we immediately knew he was a true artist and could transform the pictures to go beyond limits. Whenever we post our wedding pictures on Facebook, Instagram or pass them along to our friends we received an overwhelming praise "Mind Blowing", "This looks like a movie poster" and "Stunning!!". He could alter the images from being just traditional into something creative by perfectly capturing the mood and atmosphere.On the big day of our lives, Elvin was the member of our family. We felt completely at ease with him and our families and friends loved him, he blended in fantastically!! His attention to detail and ninja photography skills has made the entire album look like magic! Elvin gave us something we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Jeena & Ronny

Victoria, Australia

We chose Elvin as our wedding photographer because he is a friendly person to start with. We found him honest and with great work ethics. Going by his portfolio, we had noticed his eye for detail and had loved it. Moreover, we were impressed by the originality of Elvin's work. At the wedding, we loved majority of his photos. Photos from our wedding help friends and family reminisce that day.