Ruth's First Eleven Months - Family Documentary Photography

As some of you already know, my daughter Ruth will turn one this December. Despite being a photographer, I am terrible at documenting my own family. However, somehow I ended up taking a few photos of her & Rini. It’s only after I laid all the photos down last month, did I realise how important it was to capture a baby’s first few days/weeks/months. So I have decided to gift the same experience to five to-be-parents out there, for free, in 2018!

I am looking for couples:

  • Who are expecting a baby in the coming months and are willing to let me photograph them and their baby’s first few days.
  • Who don’t mind letting the beautiful and not-so-beautiful sights captured - after all, they complete the story together!
  • Who are not interested in candy floss shoots with props or cake smashes, but who would appreciate real, unposed moments being captured.
  • Who have an extra couch that I can crash on for 2-3 nights - I might end up shooting for 48-72 hours, or even more!

Please note that I will be only shooting babies below the age of six weeks as part of this project! :( I intend to shoot families with older babies in the second leg of this project!

Sharing a few photos of Ruth’s first year. I intend to produce photographs beyond the style spectrum, as seen in this post.

If you are expecting a baby or know someone who is, please drop me an email on before Dec 31, 2017, explaining why/how this shoot will be important for you. Among the mails received, I will be selecting five couples and announcing their names on my Facebook & Instagram profiles, in January first week. And I hope to start shooting from February 2018.

Please share this blogpost with anyone you think might be interested! TIA!