Raghu & Niha | Kannadiga Telugu Wedding | Bengaluru

He noticed her first in college while she was playing volleyball and he was, you know, 'casually walking by' :) He took it a little far by falling in love with her. Little did Niha know that Raghu's intentions were waaay different from what she had feared. Few years later, he went ahead and proposed her! The result - a beautiful 3 day wedding in Bengaluru. 

This isn't the first wedding I am shooting in Raghu's family. Four years back, I also had the honour of shooting the wedding of Raghu's sister Shruti & Abhi. This wedding was equally fun, with an added advantage of some dance! 

Photography: Elvin Jacob
Sangeet Venue: La Marvella, Bengaluru
Sangeet MC: RJ Pijosh
Wedding Venue: Sathya Sai Samskruta Sadanam, Bengaluru

P.S. Raghu is a natural problem solver who's dedicated to eliminating parking woes of Bengalureans. His startup DIVRT is a cloud-based smart parking system, that allows users to reserve a parking spot via a mobile app. Download the app iOS or Android.