Snigdha & Himanshu | North Indian Hindu Wedding | Noida Golf Course, Delhi NCR

“All Good Things Take Time” - The Power of Slow is quite underrated. So is my talent for procrastination. Eight Months. Eight Long Months have I sat pondering what’d be a good start for this blogpost. Well, thanks to my lazying around, I don’t need to think for another intro to this post now, do I?!

Speaking of time, I started speaking to Snigdha about her wedding photography in late-2011. Yup! That isn’t a typo :) My Manipal senior Namrata had hired me to shoot her wedding with her fiancé Vikram. It was my first paid wedding photography assignment. I was mind-blown by the experience. And it’s there where I first met Snigdha, Namrata’s cousin who doubled up as her bridesmaid/gift collector/gift protector/shoe-stealer/overall life of the party & family. I took a few photos of Snigdha in action. So back in 2011 she told me that when she gets married, I’d be shooting her wedding. It felt good that a girl was fixing her wedding photographer before her fiancé :D

Eight years later, in July last year Snigdha pinged me saying she’s getting married in February 2019 and wanted me to shoot her wedding! I was thrilled! Not only did she remember what she’d told me, she had kept her word as well!!! Apart from getting to shoot a proper Dilli Ki Shaadi, here I was, back to where I started. Seeing the super-warm faces of Snigdha’s family once again was pure joy! Most of them remembered me. It felt so good to have them ask about my haal chaal. And to top it all - I got to see Namrata’s & Vikram’s lovely kids Ranveer and Samar :)

So yeah, coming back to the point - If a wedding’s photography takes eight years to materialize, it’s okay if its blog takes eight months to come through! Almost poetic, won’t you call it?

Elvin Jacob
MUH: Varnika Suryavanshi / Glammed by VS
Venue: Noida Golf Course, Delhi NCR
Special Thanks: Ragini Singh
Super Special Thanks: Namrata Nath <3

Here’s Snigdha from Namrata’s & Vikram’s Wedding in 2011 :)

(L-R) 1. Snigdha had just turned 21 on this day. And was moments away from a cake being smashed on her face!
2. Snigdha smiling at someone. Pretty sure it wasn’t Himanshu! :)
3. Immediately after stealing Vikram’s shoes, Snigdha posed for this photograph and later during negotiations asked for a cool Rs 21,000 from her jiju :D

And here’s the adorable note Namrata & Vikram sent me after their wedding in 2011. It stays safe with my other certificates. It’s not less than one after all :)