Devika & Satyen | Hindu Kannadiga Tamil Wedding | Bengaluru

Mostly as photographers, when we meet someone we almost instantly know whether we would enjoy shooting them. I met Devika & Satyen in December at a Cafe Coffee Day (Yes, some of us still go there for reasons other than using their loos!). Their genuine smiles got me praying, that I got this assignment. And boy was I kicked when things got confirmed! 

Satyen's & Devika's wedding reaffirmed my faith in intimate weddings. They took their vows surrounded by close family and thick friends from all stages of their life. Speeches by their friends during the Sundowner left many teary-eyed and left some paralyzed with laughter. It was truly heart-warming to see the union of this 'two souls, one heart' couple :) And the joy that this life event brought to their friends, was even more visible! 

I got to shoot this wedding with the kickass Raj RJ who hit the ball out of the park, especially with his portraits. 

Photography: Elvin JacobRaj RJ , Kishore, Vinod
Wedding Film: NJM Productions
MUA: Lekha & Meghana
Bridal Saree: Kanakavalli
Sundowner Venue: Bangalore Club, Bengaluru
Wedding & Reception Venue: ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru